What the caterpillar calls life's greatest struggle...

the Master calls a butterfly.


First Born Beauty, Baby Girl

Unique From Head to Overlapping Toes

You Splashed, You Laughed, Loved Bubble Baths

'Til Out the Door, You Ran, You Dashed

Your World's Wide Oyster to Explore

Where You Splashed in Puddles Galore

Your Cute Rain Boots Ladybugs​ Adorned


Some Eyes Flutter, Like Papa's and Mine  

Your Eyes Gazed the Clear Blue Skies

Where You Found Your Favorite Sight  

The Fluttering Flight of Butterflies

On Sunbeams Dancing and Rainbows Prancing
Up You'll Go - With Them You'll Rise

I Know It's So Because You're Mine

I Watched You Grow, I've Seen You Fly

My One and Only Sweet Sunshine

On October 30th, 2007 

You Brought With You A Glimpse of Heaven

Peeking Out Through Newborn Eyes

   Two Blue Pools In Deep Reflection

You and I Stared Back In Awe

Both Surprised By What We Saw

So Familiar - Though We'd Just Met
A Mirror of Unspoken Depth

Breathing Woven Threads Divine

Your Tiny Form Personified

A Hopeful Promise Realized

My Longing Heart Now Satisfied

Our Bond Eternal, Indivisible

Heaven's Love Made Visible


Love, Mama